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Interplan d.o.o. company was founded in 1990 with the head office in Karlovac (Croatia) and has since been successfully  operating in the field of environmental engineering. The employees at interplanhave 30 years of experience in environmental protection (having previously worked at the JUGOTURBINA company). Interplan d.o.o. has been designing and constructing wastewater treatment devices for 35 years (previously at Jugoturbina). Being acquainted with the wastewater treatment issues of hotels, campsites, schools, marinas, shopping centres, settlements, towns, industrial objects etc., we can offer you our standard devices intended for specific applications. Their advantages are affordability, high degree of biological purification (over 95%), automated processing and low energy consumption. Outgoing water can be released to a category II natural recipient (stream, river, sea and similar). Additionally, we offer reconstructions of existing septic tanks which can be upgraded and redesigned so as to become efficient biological devices. Cost reductions are significant, since vacation expenses become non-existent and outgoing water satisfies environmental standards.

interplan d.o.o designs and constructs the following devices:

BIOTIP® – devices for structures with 50 to 3,500 persons connected
BIOTIP® kup – devices for structures with up to 20 persons connected made of polypropylene (no concrete works)
BIOTIP® poly – devices for structures with up to 150 persons connected made of concrete elements (no concrete works)
BIOTIP® pp – devices for structures with 25 to 150 persons connected (with or without concrete works)
BIOTIP® turist – devices for tourism facilities with up to 3000 persons connected functioning no longer than 8 month per y.
BIOTIP® parking – devices for structures with 25 to 800 persons connected for mounting in parking lots
BIOTIP® kompakt – device for structures and settlements with 5 to 10,000 PE in different versions
BIOTIP® ind – devices for industrial facilities, mechanical and biological up to 10,000 PE
BIOKONTEJNER – devices for structures with 25 to 500 PE
BIOLAGUNA® – devices for settlements, towns and industry with a capacity of 2,000 to 50,000 PE
BIOTIP® max – conventional devices for towns and settlements with a capacity of 3,000 to 50,000 PE

Tours of existing devices which have been operating for the past 35 years without any interventions can also be arranged, as well as insights into the results of water purified by those devices. Clients can visit referential structures, talk to the maintenance staff and see the results of the outgoing water analyses.